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What are potential tenants in the North East really looking for?

Over past 12 months, we’ve seen our letting figures rise by 30%. The market is extremely healthy and with the North East thriving as a hub for investment, it can only get stronger. However, a strong market isn’t always the answer; in order to succeed in the property market, it’s vital that you listen to your tenants, keep on top of trends and most importantly, exceed expectations.


There’s a lot of information out there about what it takes to be a ‘good landlord’, however, this will differ from tenant to tenant. Of course, as letting agents, we make sure that all your affairs are in order, but not every landlord has a letting agent acting for them. Here are some tips…

Stay Compliant

Fair Treatment

Fair Pricing

A Safe Environment


As we mentioned, you must keep up to date with trends. The beauty of it is, the online property portals will report this information for you now! Below is a report from Zoopla (March 2019) about what potential tenants are searching for in the North East:

  1. Garage
  2. Parking
  3. Pets
  4. Furnished
  5. Bungalow
  6. Garden
  7. Detached
  8. Student
  9. Cottage
  10. Rural

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