Tenant FAQs

Who do I speak to about property maintenance or repairs?

All property issues which occur between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, including repairs and maintenance should be reported to the GFW Letting team. Please ensure you report any repairs or maintenance to the property team as soon as possible.


Can I decorate my rental property?

You must have the landlord’s permission to decorate. We recommend that you get this in writing prior to starting any alterations – this protects you and your deposit.


Can I get my deposit back before my tenancy ends to put it down on a new property?

No. The deposit is taken to cover any dilapidations following the end of tenancy. Once you have handed back the keys to us, your landlord, or GFW Letting, will carry out a checkout report and advise you further from there.


How many sets of keys will I get for the property?

You will get a set of keys for each tenant moving into the property. If you do get any additional keys cut we must be informed and they should be returned at the end of your tenancy.


Do I have to inform you of all maintenance?

Yes. You have a responsibility as a tenant to report any repairs and maintenance as soon as possible. A problem may worsen if you do not report it promptly and you may be liable for part of the repair cost.


Can I change my utility suppliers?

Yes, but ensure you let us know when you leave the property who the new suppliers are.


Who is responsible for paying the council tax and TV licence?

The tenant is responsible for the payment of the council tax and TV licence for the property.


What happens if the landlord wants the property back?

If the landlord wants you to leave at the end of your fixed term contract, they must give you two months’ notice. If you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, your landlord may wish to gain possession of the property before the end of your fixed term.


How often will the property be inspected by the landlord or agent?

The property will usually be inspected quarterly. You will receive at least 24-hours’ notice of the visit and if you are unable to be present we may access the property with our management keys.


Do I need insurance?

Yes. Your landlord will have buildings insurance and you need to get contents insurance.


How much notice do I need to give to leave my rented property?

You must give four weeks’ notice from the date your rent is due to your landlord or agent, in writing.


What fees will I be charged?

To see the fees please click here.

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