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Right to Rent scheme breaches human rights law

Rules aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from renting properties are “discriminatory” and breach human rights laws, the High Court has ruled. The “right to rent” scheme, which requires landlords to check the immigration status of tenants, was introduced in England in 2016. Judges said it would be illegal to roll it out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland without further evaluation (for the full story please click here).

Donna Cheney

Donna Cheney, Head of Lettings

“GFW Letting are a highly compliant and regulated agent, so have never discriminated against tenants, but have long agreed with industry experts that the Right to Rent legislation has been a way of the government using private bodies to enforce its immigration policies. We shall see if this ruling makes any difference to the current English legislation, but if so, it will make renting easier for all tenants, and will help ease the legislative burden that agents currently face.”

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