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Northumberland landlords experience great success with GFW Letting

The last few weeks have been very exciting (and busy) for GFW Letting and we’ve been experiencing a very high level of demand for properties – particularly in Northumberland. From two bedroom rural cottages to more majestic coastal properties, our Alnwick office is experiencing huge demand from tenants right now!

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‘Generation rent’: the rise of the long-term tenant

As the number of rented properties steadily rises, are we seeing a shift towards a more European way of life with longer term renting and less emphasis on mortgages? With record numbers of rented homes across the UK, ‘Generation Rent’ is set to stay, despite the Government’s eagerness to introduce more affordable housing for first-time buyers. The steady shift in behaviour begs the question: do we all still want to be homeowners?

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Landlords: The good, the bad and the ugly

Our Regional Operations Manager Fran Mulhall explains how unscrupulous landlords put the North East private rented sector at risk. Here, she explains why we need to support the good by driving out the bad and the ugly.

“With the lettings market continuing to thrive, more people are renting their homes than ever before which has, of course, led to a huge increase in landlords. As with many things, there’s a dark side to such growth. In this case, it’s the establishment and rise of rogue landlords. According to Generation Rent statistics, criminal landlords actually earn £5bn in rent a year.

Although thankfully in the minority, negligent landlords do destabilise the private rented sector, including the North East market, by knowingly letting unsafe and substandard property. That’s why it’s vital as agents we take a united stance against their activity, with the aim of driving them out of the sector altogether and improving the quality of rented housing stock in the North East.

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Ombudsman Report Highlights Need For Clearer Legislation

Following the release of The Property Ombudsman Interim Report 2015 Fran Mulhall, Regional Operations Manager for GFW Letting, commented “I fully support the advice from Christopher Hamer that a ‘Property Agent Act’ is a sensible approach to tackling the piecemeal approach to changing lettings legislation. The case studies highlighted within the report show that there is a real lack of awareness from some agents in respect of how they should be acting to ensure they are treating the consumer fairly”.

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29-year low for Homeownership

New research has indicated that homeownership levels in England have fallen to a 29-year low.

The latest English Housing Survey has been released by the government. It has revealed 63 per cent of the nation’s 22.6 million households were owner-occupied in 2013-14. This is the lowest level that has been recorded since 1986. This signals the 11th year in succession that homeownership has fallen.

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